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Early Large Rag Doll Body W Cloth Heads

Early Rag Doll s Hand Drawn Faces

Their are Five Pages of Americana

Early cloth Dolls 
All Authentic .. 

19thC. China Head Make Do Doll
Calico's ~ Homespuns

Early Photo .. Sarah 
Early 19thC  Photo 

Early  19thC Paint Face Rag Doll
Early Volland Rag Ann Cloth Doll
Early  19thC Pa Rag Doll

 A Small Sampling Of Early Cloth Dolls That Have Sold  Are Shown On Bottom Of  This Page
Early 19thC Photo

19thC Rag Doll 
Pencil Face
Brown Calico's  Body
Early 19thC  Tin Type 

Early Black Apple Head Doll
Early Pa Rag Doll
Blue Hand Drawn Face
Early Rag Doll
Simple Face ~ Blue Nose
Early Pa Rag Doll 
Early 19thC Rag Doll
Early Topsy Turvy Black & White Rag Doll
Early Rag Dolls
Hand Drawn Faces
Early Pa Rag Doll
Great Pencil Face
Early Paint Face Rag Doll

Early Black Rag Doll
Early 19thC Pa Rag Doll
Early Black Doll 
Charming & Unique
Early Black Rag Doll Sisters
Early Raggedy Ann Rag Doll
~ Wood Heart ~ 
Paint Face
19thC Pa Doll Body
Early Rag Doll  19th C
20 1/2" Tall 

Early Rag Doll Sugar Sack Body Great Old Pencil Face 
Early Cloth Doll Body
20" Tall

Early Pa Rag Doll
Paint Face
Hands Fingers
Early Black Rag Doll Sisters
Magnificient Look

Early Pa Child 
19thC Rag Doll
ALL Original Clothing
Three Early Faces
19thC Pa Rag Doll
Original Clothing
19thC Pa Rag Doll 
Stone Croft Antiques
Early Black Rag Sock Doll
Early Pa Rag Doll
Wonderful Face
Early Pa Paint Faces .. Topsy Turvy Rag Doll
Columbia Rag Doll ~ 1890,s  
19thC Ink Face Rag Doll