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Early Green Knit Wool Mittens

Early PA Folky Wool Spool Chicken
19thC. Pa. Doll Quilt 
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Americana For Sale

Early Pa. Wall Paper Cover Box .. Hearts ..

Early  Small Childs Wool Knit Folksy Gloves

Early Velvet Apple Pincushion .. 
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Early Small Rare Size Strawberry Make Do
Early Strawberry Pin Cushions
Early Pa Wool Stripe Hand Knit Wristers
Early Pa PinHolder Collection
Early Pa  Hearts Quilting Patterns
Dated 1886

Their are Five Pages of Americana ..

Beautiful Blue Wool Early Knit Mittens ..
Small Pa. Child's
Early Pa. Doll Capes ..
Homespuns ..
19thC. Pa. Doll Quilt 

19thC. Book Plate
Early Pa. Women's Brown & Blue Ck.  HomespunFarm Bonnet

Early Pa. Doll Apron
Early Pa. Doll Apron
Wonderful Brown
Collection Of Early Pa. Doll Aprons

Early Pa. Pin Holder ..
Early Small Pa. Doll Quilt
Early Pa. Farm Women's Straw Filled Pin Cushion

Pennsylvania Farmers Journal 1896
Early Pa. Brown Calico Doll Dress
Early Brown Check Homespun Pa Farm Child's Skirt 
Early Calico Doll Dress ..
Early Pa Women's Log Cabin Design Pin Cushion

Early Pa Primitive Farm Womens Brown Seed  Bag
Early Pa Women's Home Made Pot Holder ~ Log Cabin
Early 19thC Books .. Blue's
Early Pa Farm Women's Pin Cushion

Early Pa Quilt Patches ..
Calico's ~ Homespun's
Early Pa Farm Womens Authentic Rag Balls
Blues ~ Homespuns
The English Garden 
Early Black Photo ..
Angus & Bittie
Early Photo .. Black Girl with White Small Children ..
Early Small Pa Child's Doll Quilt
Early Pa Oil Painting
Perkiomen Valley
Early Red Knit MIttens
Early Home Made Pa Childs Ball
Early Brown Knit Socks ~ Small Pa Childs
Early Primitive Small Boy's Farm Pants
Early Pa. Photo's
Child Holding Teddy Bear
Early Pa Hand Knit Red Mittens

Early Pa Childrens Knit Hats
19thC Holy Bible
Early Primitive Small Pa Farm Child's Shoes
Early Red Velvet Doll Cape
Early Pa Farm Women's Long Wide Primitive Stockings
Early Pa Doll Quilt
Early 19thC Books
Early Pa Rose Calico Doll Apron
Early Pa Photo ~ 
Women ~ Flag
19thC Photo Family 
Child Holding Her Doll
Early Pa Hand Knit Wool Mittens
Beautiful Old Blue
Early 19thC Blue Books
Early Pa Blue Wool  Knit  Small Farm Childs Socks
Early Pa Blue Calico Crib Cover
Early Small Childs Blue Calico Dress
Early Pa Childs Blue Knit Gloves
Early Pa Farm Womens Seed Bag
Early Pa Small Childs Blue Calico Dress
Early Doll Skirt
Blue Calico Stars
Early Brown Calico Doll Dress
Early Pa Childs Long Red Wool Socks
Early Doll Quilt Log Cabin  19thC

Early Pa Small Child's Knit Wool MIttens
Wonderful Early Photo  Two Black Boys
Early Pa Farm Womens Bonnet
Early Pa Spool Chicken Pin Cushion
Early Pa Scissor Rests
19thC Pa Make Do Pin Cushion
Early Pa Small Childs Homespun Ck Farm Shirt
Early Pa Childs Long Primitive Dress
Early Pa Womens Blue Indigo Chambrey Bonnet
19thC Wall Paper Cover School Book
Early Pa Doll Quilt Calicos
Early Pa Wool Knit Sleigh Gloves
Early Brown Velvet Doll Hat
Early Brown Calico Doll Dress
Early Pa Blue Ck 
Linen ~ Long Table Runner 
Early Pa Red Wool Knit Leg Warmers
Early Pa Blue Knit Wool Childs Leg Warmers
Early Pa Blue Ck Homespun Linen
Long Table Runner
Early Doll ~ Teddy Bear Jacket
Early Pa Doll Quilt
Early 19th C Blue Indigo
Early Pa Childs Brown Calico Dress
19thC Hand Sewn Leather Cover Book
Early Rag Doll Shoes
Early Shoe Button Shoes
Perfect  Rag Doll Shoes
Early Pa Small Childs Knit Wool Socks
Great Blue
19thC Brown Calico Doll Dress
Early Braided Table Textile
Early Blue Doll Jacket
Early Brown Calico Doll 
Early Braided Textile Blue
Early Photo .. Children Holding Bears
Early Hand Knit Doll Mittons
​Early Pa Women's Long Stockings 
Early Small Shoe Button Shoes 
Great old Wear
Early Velvet Blue Gray Elephant Toy
Early Sampler 1890.
Early Pa Women,s Brown Calico Pocket
Early Blue Ck Home Spun Doll Apron
 Early Blue Calico Doll Skirt
Early Blue Doll Dress
19thC Pa Calico Doll Quilt.
19thC Brown Ck Make Do Pin Cushion
19thC Brown Make Do Pin Cushion .. Hearts 
19thC Pa Looking Glass
Early Red Paint
Early Pa Wool Flannel Cat 
19thC Pa Cobblers Sole Tin Form
19thC  Pa Calico Doll Dresses ~ Made By The Same Hand
Early Pa Women's  Green Ck Homespun Farm Bonnet
Early Pa Women's Blue Ck Homespun Farm Bonnet
Early Red Doll Socks
Early Red Doll Cape
19thC Pa Brown Calico Pillow Boulster
​Early Brown Knit Pa Women's Mittens
Stone Croft Antiques
Early Doll /Bear Straw Type Hat
Early Pa Gray Calico Small Child's Dress

Early Pa Small Child's Brown Calico Dress

Early Blue Ck Homespun Doll Dress
Early Black Velvet Doll Hat


Early Bittersweet Hand Knit Wool Mittens .. Snow Flake

Early Bittersweet Hand Knit Wool Mittens
Three 19thC Leather Books
Two 19thC Leather Bibles.
Two 19thC Small Leather Books
​Early Sewing  Strawberry 
Early Heart Pin Cushion
Early Leather Shoe Button Doll Boots

Early Pa Amish heart pin cushion .. 3" x 4" 
Lancaster Co. 
Price $48.00
Early Pa Red Wool sewing ball ~ 3" blue yarn ball under red 
Lancaster Co
Price ~ 75.00

Early Pa Young Girls Red Dress​
Two Pairs of Early Childs Farm Shoes​